Ali Haider


Broadcast Engineer
Location: Saudi Arabia

To be part of reputed firm where I could learn the technological enhancement,upgradation,research and
development.Seeking to get switched to a firm where my professional skills,expertise and learning could
contribute in an effective manner.

Personal Details
Name: Ali Haider
Nationality: Pakistani
Languages: English,Arabic and Urdu

Address : Alsafra,Buraidah City,Qassim KSA

Summary Skills
Employment History
Saudi Broadcasting Corporation(SBC)
January 2016 to Present
Operation,monitoring and configuration of the following equipments:
Harris Play out servers,Kahuna HD switchers,Studer audio mixers,Panasonic P2 HD
VTRs,Cannon/Panasonic HD cameras, Newtec Menos system operation, configuration.
Kahuna(Snell & Willcox) model:9648900 HD switchers,Studer Audio mixers,Sony
and Panasonic HD cameras,Hitachi HD cameras with remote CCU operations.
Sony 2000 digital video switchers, ADB lighting systems with remote operations,
Panasonic P2 HD VTRs,RTS KP-32 Talkbk systems,Hitachi HT-800 VTR and disk control
system, Harris NX-3601 and 6800 media platform servers,Harris video routers PM-FR-9.
Harris X-85 video & audio format converter, TBS system for format conversation,
Genlock/blk burst synch provision, Autocue & KVM TX-104 for Prompter application,
Harris Videotek TVM series, Tektronix SD component waveform monitoring system and
Vectorscope, Quartz routing Switcher Systems, SPG component digital synch
generator SPG-422,Snell & Willcox Magic Dave Switcher & DVE,Harris video matrix.
Headend System for local TV distribution, Tandberg TT1222 IRD & local HD receiver for
reception of different channels, Eartstation monitoring, installation & troubleshooting with
Arabsat,Nilesat, Asiasat5, Turksat Satellit es on 2.4 m,1.8 m & 1.2 m KU band.
Newtec Menos System for transmission & reception of different feeds ,live programs
to different stations.

GEO TV NEWS(Independent Media Corporation)
Studio(Broadcast Engineer)
From December 2012 January 2016
Wide range of engineering duties includi ng:
VT engineering, dubbing, editing, vision engineering (live programmes, 5 remote controlled cameras), sound
engineering (live programmes), sound assisting (pre-records), graphics, installations and maintenance,
MCR/Transmission operations (including vision mixing on local news bulletins), compliance and technical
Direct-to-Home broadcast systems (satellite, cable, and digital terrestrial) with both standard and high definition.
Data Broadcast Networks (multicast and unicast); contribution and distribution systems; satellite news
gathering and mobile contribution systems; broadcast and multiplex control systems
The role involved integration of complex digital broadcasting systems, including broadcast control, and
conditional access (content security). A significant part of the role involved integration with third party systems
such as automation, programme scheduling, subscriber management systems, set-top-box integration and
almost any other aspect of digital broadcasting.
Some detail on main technical responsibilities:
 Maintenance of Broadcast Transmission Facilities (including Omnibus automation, Pinnacle/HP Video
servers, Sony LMS and Flexicart).
 Maintenance of Post Production Facilities.
 Maintenance of VT Dubbing Facilities.
 Operation and maintenance of Broadcast Routers.
 Operation and maintenance of Compression / Multiplex systems.
 Operation and maintenance of Signal Distribution/conversion equipment.
 Operation and maintenance of Talkback / IFB Systems.
 Operation and maintenance of Vision / Audio Mixers e.g. GVG, Philips.
 Operation and maintenance of graphics equipment e.g. Quantel, Publitronic, Miranda Oxtel. Support of
Satellite based broadcasting systems.
 Use of PC based drawing packages e.g. VidCAD, AutoCAD.
 MCR duties including lines routing and liaison with other broadcasters and service providers around
the world.
 Designed drafts for advertising and networking purposes.
 Worked on digital procedures in making designs and animations.
 Utilized analog methods in determining signal and frequencies.
 Managed personnel and operations.
 Designed and supervised construction of studio and master control and modernized transmitter:
 Directed the installation of a new antenna and transmission line, receiving dish and studio equipment.
 Operated uplink vans for special network feeds and coverage.

Dunya TV National Communication Services, Pakistan studio(AV Engineer)
December 2007 to December 2012
Working in the operational areas of the Master, International and Network Control Rooms as well
as a base area and the TV studios. Duties included electronic maintenance and operational
engineering involving frequent periods of acting as the most senior engineer in any one of the
above areas.
Working on the following equipment:
 Promax Spectrum Analyzer
 Echolink Satellite Receiver
 Tandberg E-5714 Voyager
 Tiernan SE-4000 Encoder
 Data Video SE-500 and SE-900
 Behringer Audio Mixer
 IRD TT-1260
 Complete Maintenance and Service of all the DSNG’S
 Complete Maintenance and Service of Fixed link Earth Station.
 Frequency Band division and Planning for remote sites.
 Routing of A/V signal from the IRDs to their destinat ion.
Checking the A/V signal Quality.
 Live video streaming,monitoring and troubleshooting experience.
 Coordination with Vendors for Broadcast/Satcom equipments installation.
 Troubleshooting,testing,commisioning and configuration of major Broadcast and Satcom products.
 Experience of conducting,monitoring and maintaining Live morning shows through updated
Satcom/Broadcast equipments.
 Coordinate with Broadcast Clients for timely delivery of Content tapes and Playlist and rectification of
anomalies prior to On AIR.
 Customer Service Orientation in relation to Broadcast services.
 Develop and agree with direct supervisor on plans to continually build own skills and knowledge by
anticipating demands and understanding own strengths and weaknesses.
 Maintain focus on employee engagement , execute plans & programs to achieve set goals.
 Preparation, Planning and coordination with satellite operator/ client for delivery of Occasional TV
 Monitor TV services for its quality and service availability from various Satellite downlinks and Play out
Systems and initiate corrective action for restoration of normalcy and report to clients.
 Skilled in technical areas like production switches, communications equipments, RF Satellite linking .
 Good understanding of Analog methods
 Excellent leadership skills.
 Performed Satellite downlink signal reception, maintenance of routing switchers, and all other
broadcast related equipment.
 Tested and Measured equipment, computers and various television broadcast equipment used for
program production.
 Maintained and repaired, to component level, all types of cable and satellite communication
 Assisted the Engineering Manager in designing the cable tv system f rom head-end to consumer end.
 Hands on training in the splicing and installation of Fiber Optic backbone cables.
 Installed consumer household cable system.

Scalesmen PVT LTD
Instrumentation Engineer
January 2007 to December 2007
working experience of mai ntenance, repairing, service,cali bration and troubleshooting of digital
scales as an Instrumentation Engineer in the Scalesmen Pvt Ltd.
Bin Qasim Power Station KESC Karachi
July 2005 to August 2005
One month’s internship training in the instrumentation and Control Department in Bin Qasim
Power Station at KESC under control Engineer.
Degree Year Board/University Div
B.E(Electronics) 2007 Dawood College of Engg and Tech,Khi
BSC(Geology) 2003 University of Karachi,Khi
HSC(Pre-Engg) 2000 DJ Sindh Govt Science College,Khi
SSC(Science) 1998 Habib Public School,Khi
Professional Skills
 MS Office
 Electronic Workbench.
 C/C++
 Assembly Language for Intel 8086/8088

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