Awais khan


Lead Data Analyst
Location: Mumbai, India

Lead Data Analyst
Handling Digital shelf analytics (DSA) and software solutions to the customer

Software solution alternative to the manual compilation of retail data for brands,
manufacturers, and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies
Scoursing the web to pull performance metrics from a range of digital retailers’ platforms.
Scraping of data from the digital experiences consumers use to find, learn about,
compare, and purchase products
Providing data to the client regarding their product and services in multiple mechanisms
e.g: Data collection, analysis, and reporting
Analyzing websites which includes everything from search engines and product pages to
the website and other online content.
Reviewing invalid data and correcting data errors and manipulating data
Rectifying scraping of incorrect data from the database, and websites and creating a new data
model & data manipulation tool
Data manipulation, analysis of the data, the accuracy of the report, and data
Verify the content publication process, the development of a new data management
a system, and the accuracy of the mass data or raw data
Monitoring all the product listings across online retailers
Daily validation of data, comparing of data, data comparison with website & database, Data
analysis, & accuracy report of data
Data validation of reports, multiple reports which contain multiple data sources, and the
ability to analyze and interpretation of data
Providing continually optimized product detail page & detailed data of the product to meet
clients requirements
Multiple data reports help the client to analyze their product and the state of their data
The enhanced content report, integrity reports, daily reports, search report, rating reports,
review reports, etc, which help clients to analyze their products and services
Providing the ability to analyze the competitor’s product and provide recommendations to
the customer through a variety of methods e.g competitor research, competitive analysis,
competitor performance report, and market research
Analyzing behavioral data to interpret funnels, engage other mandatory procedures

Research and Review reports are sent to clients as per requirement Daily, Weekly, Monthly,
Quarterly, etc designing, and customization of reports as per client request
Preparing reports for operational data to get an output of work and pending data
Utilize insights to provide support for scrutinizing Data, Reports, and documents
Ensuring compliance and validating raw data, reports, etc
Conducting training sessions for new joiners and internal team members.
Gathering resources, research, and useful insights to support the development of new
services and helping the client understand the business process
Providing additional support for fun at work and employee centrist projects


  • Business Analyst
  • Customer support
  • Data Analyst
  • E-commerce
  • Team leader


30-May-2013 till Present

Lead Data Analyst at TCS

  • IT/Technology
  • Updated 2 months ago

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