Julie Sookram


Bank Manager
Location: Doha, Qatar

Bank Manager with 15 plus years of experience in the Finance sector.  It is my intention that my level of expertise would be utilized in the company in managing, coaching and developing, finance, problem-solving, customer service and sales.


2014 - 2016

Masters in Business Administration at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Campus (2016)


B.Sc. (2005) Agribusiness Management at UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST INDIES (TRINIDAD & TOBAGO)




Key Responsibilities

Strategic Goals:
 Defining of long term organizational strategic goals, building key customer relationships, identifying business opportunities, negotiating and closing business deals and maintaining and improving current market conditions.
 Works with internal team, group marketing and other senior managers to increase sales opportunities with the aim of maximizing revenue for the organization
 Using knowledge of market and competitors, identify and develop the company’s unique selling propositions and differentiators.
 Preparation of financial and business models to ensure viability of new pivots for the retail and business banking unit

 Manage the process of product launches through market research engagements, surveys, focus groups campaign promotions
 Observe developing trends in the industry and remain knowledgeable of changing guidelines, regulations and business practices
 Managing loan and deposit targets through continuous marketing and relationship building

Credit Functions:

 Credit and Risk Analysis – Comprehensive overview of the Project, Industry, Credit, Management, Financial and Security worthiness of the client.
 KYC compliance and CBTT compliance. Ensuring that all onboarding clients are KYC compliant and that all loans/leases are transacted based on CBTT guidelines.
 Loan Processing; Evaluation of client’s skill and experience. Also in depth cash flow evaluation in order to determine debt service ratio to ensure that loan can be repaid.
 Annual Reviews- ensuring that annual reviews on a monthly basis in order to obtain project status, financial statements, project/ loan problems and opportunities for further financing.
 Review of loan appraisals to evaluate the credit worthiness of the loan and the client’s ability to pay through analysis of cash flows, financials, company background and experience of applicant.
 Assess proposals/applications and other correspondences to determine level of risks

 Assessing the liquidity position against loan growth and finding solutions to ensure liquidity is maintained. Done via fixed deposit campaigns. Ensuring proper management of calls, emails, KYC compliance, opening of accounts. Surpassed budget of $100MM to date.

 Managing a team of business bankers and business support officers to ensure smooth operation of retail and business banking unit

 Managing team to ensure that client proposals are assessed adequately to as to limit turnaround time for approval.

 Training and Development – continuously looking for new training materials to improve both my personal skills as well as enhance my staff’s competencies.
 Supervision of technical staff to ensure that Bank’s objectives are met within a timely and consistent manner. Responsible for authorization on loan inquires applications of loan proposals.
 Supervision of the daily activities of all officers to ensure that disbursements and approvals targets are met for the particular month. Follow up on securities to be perfected, outstanding conditions to be met and reports to be submitted.
 Managing daily activities in the role of both head retail and business banking as well as assisting operations where relevant, managing the marketing aspect of the brand and products
 Managing each member of staff so that work flow is consistent and organization’s objectives are met.
 Coaching and mentoring staff to through one on one weekly meetings, dealing with issues as they arise, having an open door policy.
 Being a listener rather than a dictator and encouraging team engagement for new strategies, promotions, pivots
 Being part of the recruitment process to ensure right job right fit so as to ensure the unit gets the most of resources spent.
 Ensuring delinquency of unit does not cross industry standard and to date maintaining a loan portfolio delinquency of less than 1%

 Audit and Monitoring of entire Branch Portfolio- Ensuring delinquency of unit does not cross industry standard and to date maintaining a loan portfolio delinquency of less than 1%

 Recovery Action – Initiation of the Recoveries process by closely monitoring accounts in arrears and taking necessary measures to ensure that the Bank is not at risk. Responsible for arrears notices, payment agreements, referral reports and conducting of a means and assets survey to ensure that the Bank is able to recover on its debt.

 Responsible for ensuring that all strategic marketing objectives are met and executed in a timely manner.
 Responsible for new product development and marketing to ensure successful market penetration through closely working with advertising agencies to develop product features, areas of target, mediums of advertising.
 Setting marketing budgets for the company and managing and monitoring marketing costs for the company to ensure budget is maintained.
 Preparing weekly and fortnightly activity reports to track potential business

 Continuously identify, develop and maintain a quality network of business relationships and serve as a recurring source of referrals for new lending opportunities

 Identify and act on opportunities for campaigns, services and distribution channels that will lead to increased sales

 Managing fixed deposit campaigns to ensure targeted budget is met through working with Advertising agency to create campaign advertisement, targets for pushing ads and managing budget spend

JAN 2009 - AUGUST 2017


 Manage a portfolio of commercial and cooperate connections exceeding One Hundred Million Dollars.

 Meeting and Exceeding yearly targets of $44M- $65M to date through aggressive marketing and relationship building to grow business

 Assists in Generating and Exceeding Revenue Growth- through the assessment of marketing opportunities to attract profitable commercial business & sell/cross sell the Bank’s products and services. Deliver financial advice through the presentation of options with a recommendation that clearly articulates the value to the client.

 Ensures compliance with the Bank’s Commercial Banking portfolio – through the administering of procedures and policies according to the credit policy upon submission of proposals for credit. Interfaces with Group Risk Management to ensure correct initiation process, through analysis of credit on conformity with credit policies.

 Exercise due diligence in recommending / preparing solutions (e.g. knows your client, know the transaction, risk analysis and client strategy).

 Manage effectively personnel to accomplish duties in order to meet objectives

 Assists clients in compiling documents required for proposals

 Assists in the administration of portfolio via annual reviews – conducting annual review visits, overview of existing facilities, ensuring all documents required for annual reviews are obtained.

 Prepare on a timely basis and ensure adherence to all reporting requirements specific to Watchlist Reports, Call Reports, Marginal Loan Accounts, Weekly delinquency

 Improving and maintaining customer service by building one on one commercial relationship with client – carried out via regular telephone updates on business, via visits to the company, assisting in all bank transactions; deposits, clearance of cheques, wire transfers, temporary excesses.

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