Sabiya Shaikh


Dental Surgeon
Location: Kota, Rajasthan

·     Dental Surgeon at Barthunia’s Orthodontic & Dental Laser Clinic, Kota, Rajasthan from 19/12/2017 until present(3 years & 9 months)


-Diagnosis & Treatment Planning of Patients reporting to the clinic

-Comprehensive Dental Treatment of Pediatric & Adult Patients

-Scaling,  Root Planing  &  Oral Prophylaxis

-Open & Closed Extraction of Mobile, Firm & Impacted Teeth

-Alveoloplasty surgeries in Post-Extraction patients

-Minor  surgeries  like  Frenectomy,  Crown lengthening  Procedures,  Gingivectomy and Curettage Procedures

-Root Canal Treatment (Hand/Manual & Rotary Instrumentation)  of  Anterior & Posterior Teeth

-Silver Amalgam/ GIC/ Anterior & Posterior Composite/ Flowable Composite restorations and Aesthetic Build-ups.

-Tooth preparation of Anterior & Posterior teeth for receiving Full Veneer/ Partial Veneer/ Core Built-up Crowns & Bridges

-Implant Placement Surgeries-Conventional and Immediate Implant Placement

-Aesthetic Reconstruction of Anterior Teeth

-Composite & Ceramic Laminates & Veneering

-Fabrication of Complete & Partial Dentures

-Conduction of Free Screening and Treatment Camps at Charitable institutions.


·        Completed Certification in Conventional Implant Surgery entitled “Implant Surgery: From Basics to Advanced” under the guidance of Dr.Satish Bhardwaj(BDS, MDS, FRCPS(Oram & Maxillofacial Surgery) organized by the Indian Dental Association, Kota, Rajasthan on 28th February 2016.


August 2012 to December 2017

Bachelor of Dental Surgery at Daswani Dental College & Research Centre, Kota, Rajasthan


From December 2017 to Present( 3 years and 8 Months)

Dental Surgeon In-Charge at Barthunia's Orthodontic and Dental Laser Clinic, Kota, Rajasthan

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