Ali Abdulghani


Executive Manager
Location: Qatar



Doha, Qatar
Facility Management Certification Awarded, Franklin University / USA


Executive Manager, Senior Positions of Operations & Facility Management.

With an organizations of repute.


·         Well qualified and a highly skilled professional holding 20+ years of experience in managing Facilities & Property Management across top-notch organizations’ in Qatar & homeland.

·         Highly focused on comprehensive knowledge and understanding of various sectors such as operations, real estates, technical services, asset & property management, strategic plan, development vision, financial, budged, cost control.

·         Consistent track record of successfully employing best business practices that improve efficiency reduce operating costs while increasing productivity.

·         Ability to share with Customer Relationship Manager Director to develop strong local and strategic Customer relationships.

·         Proficient in achieving organic contract growth, tender community , improving customer satisfaction, sustainable business and the delivery of services in line with the company expectation and maintaining a high profile and positive image for the core business .

·         Implementing changes in processes, materials, and equipment to enhance service levels and improve the operational efficiency.

·         Capacity to report occupational safety and health, and operational environmental performance as per the company policy.

·         Excellence in mobilizing and supervising ongoing contract delivery by contractual and statutory requirements.

·         Champion the implementation and support the use of CAFM & PRIMAVIERA on every contract and use it to report proactive and reactive performance & goals as per the related time frame.

·         Establishing contract specific continuous improvement strategies which promote efficiency, energy reduction and best practices.

·         Recognized for maintaining a good working relationship with clients, cross-functional teams, partners, vendors, and key stakeholders.

·         Demonstrated competency in evaluating, hiring and contracting vendors to handle the facility services of multiple projects.

·         Managing Hard & Soft services (Landscaping, Security systems, CCTV…etc).


Career Progression


Porto Holding Group
Oct2020 up to day

Executive Manager
·         Roles

·         Managing the whole company, Budgets, Strategies, operations in line with the Group’s expansion plans, setting business strategy, risk management & Raising the Gain profits, reducing the Costs, reporting, and Implementing best practices, procedures and standards in the industry, and to generate new businesses and projects.

·         Responsible for the entire operations of the Facilities Management Business of the company.

·         Proven experience in Business Development, Planning, budgeting, facility and maintenance, engineering, development and evaluation of strategic business goals and objectives.

·         Responsible for creating and implementing business development strategies and overseeing activities that ensure the contract delivers to acceptable standards.

·         Responsible for developing and establishing customer service and budgetary standards.

·         Manage & establish work plan and staffing for each project, and arrange for recruitment or assignment of personnel as per project requirement.

·         Develop, monitor and review annual and life-cycle re placement maintenance programs, establish policies and procedures and negotiate contracts. · Responsible for all staff and subcontractors with the financial and operational performance of the contract.

·         Establishing and maintain a professional working relationship with customers and

·         Setting staffing levels in compliance with business specifications and monitoring them to enable the delivery of efficient and effective services.

·         Conduct regular company meetings to review on-going, trouble-shoot areas needing corrective action, issues related to employees, etc.

·         Responsible to develop, coordinate and evaluate the implementation of monitoring the OPEX & CAPEX , inspection programs to ensure an appropriate level of the business target profit are met.


Al Qamra Holding

Project Director

·         Managing the project of 30 Primary Health Centers all around the state of Qatar (with 330 staff persons) as per the signed agreement between Qafam & PHCC (Primary Health Care Corporation) of Hamad Medical Corporation.

·          PHCC is dedicated to providing the people of Qatar with highest level of health care by operating and managing different Health Centers across the state of Qatar.

·         Roles


•      Managing an all operations & related maintenance activities and conducts meetings with the Ministry of Public Health to get the satisfactions as per the signed agreement.

•      Providing high & special standards of facilities operation, the related services as per the circumstances of Covid-19.

Requirements of the PHCC buildings.
Power International Holding
Elegancia Facility management co.

Project Director

·         Managing the project of 76 schools buildings  all around the state of Qatar(with 800  staff persons)  as per the signed agreement between Elegancia  & MOEHE ( The ministry of Education and Higher Education ) by providing high standards of operation and maintenance activities as per the ministry standards ( hard & soft ).


·         Roles

·         Managing all operations & related maintenance activities and conducts meetings with the  ministry of Education and Higher Education and their consultant (Mace Macro) .
2010 – 2019
Senior Facilities Manger, Property Management, projects operations

·         Two high story towers, QNT (52 floors), Al Jazeera Tower (36 floors).

·         Two complexes (Milaha properties (200 building), Navigation properties (36 building).

·         Commercial building (20 buildings).

·         Milaha Headquarter offices, 19 large departments.

·         Milaha Cornish building which occupied by Hassad Food company.

·         Milaha Logistic city.

·         Milaha old airport residential and commercial complex.

·         Milaha labors camps.


·         Roles

·         Managing maintenance activities teams and conducts meetings with the related association.

·         Managing & analyze the properties needs by carrying out inspections and liaising with both customers and clients.

·         Collecting references for potential customers and controlling procurement and expenditure costs.

·         Ensures the site operations comply with established Company policies and procedures along with the health and safety high standards.

·         Appointing contractors, subsequently monitoring their work stages, making sure that they deliver stipulated tasks efficiently.

·         Ensuring that properties & assets are properly maintained, and services are delivered to agreed timescales and KPI’s.

·         Have in place maintenance, inspection and manage for all of the fire safety equipment and systems, keeping records and certificates of compliance.

·         Organize & protect the employees and the business under the control of the facilities management department, in particular, the maintenance of the hardware.

·         Handled maintenance, testing and inspection schedules which are required to ensure that the facility is operating safely and efficiently to maximize the life of equipment and reduce the risk of failure.

·         Define tasks that can be managed in-house, finding vendors to outsource the other activities.

·         Determines contract specific priorities and makes decisions Leadership of allocated Facility Management Contracts and the associated services; ensuring excellent, consistent and compliant (timely) service is achieved.

·         Maintaining the asset register, inventory register and hold accountability for floating inquiries, receiving quotations, approving  orders and receiving essential goods to manage the smooth running of the facility.

·         Organize the frequent changes. This process is referred to as churn rate, expressed as the percentage of the equipment’s, machines moved during a year. These moves are usually planned by the facilities management department.

·         Receiving all kind of reports (complains & maintenance) & producing reports for the top management

·         Supporting & updating all the maintenance plans & strategies.

·         Supervise & consulting the maintenance of various MEPs & contractors.

·         Custodian of licenses and agreements, being responsible for timely renewal of long & semi-long agreements.




Equinox Group – The North Gate project, QATAR
2007 – 2008
Facility Manager
·         Established contract specific training plans to ensure contract personnel are trained by the business & service competency.

·         Interviewed and supported the recruiting by contract requirements, leading the development and retention of staff.

·         Delivered Facilities Management Contracts safely, profitably and by and contract’s statutory requirements.

·         Evaluated the existing performance and established whether contractual obligations are being met.

·         Coordinated Internal audit activities including compliance audit within their region and follow up of corrective actions within designated sites.

·         Ensuring that policies and procedures are up-to-date.
Previous Experience

2005 – 2007                                         Buhmaid Trading & Constructions Co, Qatar                   Project Engineer

1996 – 2005                                        Private Projects, Iraq                                                           Engineer



·         Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering / Power Machine & Controls, University of Mosul, 1994

·         Member of Iraqi engineering board with many promotional degrees.

·         Certification of Chicago center for facility management.

·         Certification of Facility management from Franklin University U.S.A


Additional Details

Nationality:                           Iraqi

Languages:                            English & Arabic

VISA:                                      Qatar Resident VISA


References Available on Request





Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering / Power Machine & Controls at University of Mosul

Electrical Engineering / Power Machine & Controls


Certification of Facility management from Franklin University U.S.A at Franklin Universit

Certification of Facility management from Franklin University U.S.A



Executive Manager at PFM

Executive Manager


Project Manager at QAFAM

Project Manager

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