Asif Mahmood


Senior Administrative Supervisor
Location: Lahore, Pakistan



Asif Mahmood – MBA Cell: +92 322 4566940
Senior Administrative Supervisor, Digital Media Marketing Specialist  & Ecommerce Expert with 6+ Years of Experience

A meticulous, result oriented and accomplished professional with vast Administrative and Team Management, Customer services/management, Digital and Social media experience. I am a mid-level resource with strong ability to execute multiple projects and leading diverse teams. I possess up to date practical knowledge about each tool required for both basic and aggressive customer management, digital and social media tactics (from creative idea generation to the execution) in the field of branding and latest e-commerce world (having hands on experience over CMS platforms like magento, cs.cart, woocommerce, opencart and shopify. From here on, I would like to move on towards bigger Milestones to come in my Life. I have excellent ability to communicate at all levels and pivotal in forming successful business relationships.



Seeking senior level position as digital and social media marketing professional in an organization, demanding high standards of quality, precision and providing opportunities for professional growth and development.

Expertise In



•    SMO & Blogging

•    Professional Data Sciences & Machine Learning Course from Dice Analytics

•    Internet Marketing

•    Social media marketing & management

•    Latest social media tools

•    Social media Ad campaign management

•    Google Ads & tools like keyword planner, Google Ad Campaign setups, Ad extensions and Google Analytics integration

•    Digital and Social media graphics and general content

•    Adobe Photoshop and Premier

•    E-commerce Web portal management (woocommerce, opencart and shopify)

•    Online stock & Orders management

•    Customer support & Relationship Tools (Hubspot, Zendesk and Live Chat Support)

•    MS-Office

•    Leadership skills

•    Team management

•    Business acumen

•    Training & Mentoring

•    Communications

•    ATL & BTL Activities

•    VIS (Volunteer in Service)
Experience Highlights



·      Best performance bonus every year (during my tenure at Entirely Social).


·      Produced auto detailing and modification services video for OLX Pakistan to promote auto reselling services (from idea generation till final scripting).


·      One of 3 Pakistanis to make Voters Behaviour Model in the history of South Asian countries.


·      One of the position holders of “Advertising Gala” held at PCBA / PICS (University of Central Punjab) for the Piano Slick Pen.


·      Handled various social media advertising campaigns for SME companies like Good Nite& Ultra Baby Diapers, Study Zone, iMeat, Meatex, Less Sodium Salt by M&H Traders and some other known brands.


·      Planning and execution of advertising strategies on TV and Social media (all major platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Google and Instagram)


·      Worked as a major point of contact between Entirely Social and brands to resolve issues like collecting/generating content from brand itself


·      Implementing new strategies for Social media through expert’s tips and exploring new tactics


·      Exploring the new ideas about how to Brand our product over Social media. Like: looking for new social communities on the Internet and creating awareness among different social communities for our Brand through Articles, TVCs and ad promotions.


·      Handled various web design and development projects under Entirely Social for well-known brands like OLX Pakistan, Maryam Arif, Mlily UK, iBroked and so many others.


·      Position Holder in University Advertisement Gala for Levis Brand both print ad and TVC

Career Snapshot



Senior Administrative Supervisor                                                                                                  Sep 2020 – Present Intelligent Outsource Pvt Ltd – Lahore


Digital Media Marketing & Media Buying Specialist                                                          Feb 2020 – Present Quiz Clothing & Zasimo – Lahore


Senior Digital Media Marketing Analyst                                                                                    Oct 2019 – Feb 2020 Allied Consultants – Lahore


Digital/Social media Head                                                                                                                   Jan 2019 – July 2019

Galaxy Broadcasting LTD (92 NEWS) – Lahore


Digital/Social media Marketing Manager                                                                                 Jul 2017 – Dec 2018 Mahmood Engineering – Lahore


Digital Media / Social media Business Development & Project Manager             Oct 2012 – Jun 2017 Entirely Social (Digital Media Brand Manager Agency) – Lahore


General Manager Sales and Operations                                                                                       Nov 2012 – Feb 2016 Groupado (Sister Company Entirely Social) – Lahore


Business Development Executive                                                                                                   Nov 2011 – Oct 2012 GuruTrax Solutions – Lahore


Social media Strategist                                                                                                                           Sep 2009 – Sep 2011

ETECHSOL Private Limited – Lahore



Professional Qualifications
Master’s in Business Administration (Marketing)

University of Central Punjab, Lahore-Pakistan
Bachelors in Arts (Economics, Journalism)

Forman Christian College, Lahore-Pakistan
Diploma of Associate Engineer (Computer Technology)

Sharif Institute of Technology, Lahore-Pakistan


Experience Detail



Key Result Areas
·         All departments smooth operations without any delays

·         Resolving errors/issues for each department while coordinating with their concerned Team Leads and Quiz UK (one of IOs Customer)

·         Handling all the communication matters with customer and each of our individual Team member (making sure everybody is doing their work right as per the given responsibilities)

·         Creating Training plans, How to Guides, Work Flows to make sure everybody in our team is fully capable to do his/her work on time without any delay and within the given timeline

·         Making sure everybody is on track and completing their work hours as per each given task on tools like Clickup and other customer based time/task management tools available online

·         Have to coordinate with IT team to make sure we are connected on the relevant Remote Server (reference to Quiz Clothing UK Team) and each Team member has working internet while connected with their system so no time delays occur while performing their each tasks and duties.

·         Responsible for training for each individual working here in the Quiz UK Support team while coordinating with the Quiz UK

·         Also responsible for capacity building (by giving tasks to a current team and by requesting a new resource person to Top management) as per the requirements from Quiz UK






Key Result Areas
·         Digital Media Buying on all the major digital media platforms where our online stores have the existence like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google

·         Digital Media Content Planning, Creation and Execution as per the instructions from our management (these involve content in the form of graphics, video editing, GIFs, etc as per the latest trends in Digital Media Market)

·         Coordinating with the Creative team for Generic daily basis post graphics, Ad graphics or sometimes do design work by myself as per the brand approved templates and Weekly basis email Newsletter Templates

·         Managing and updating the stock/inventory, updating and uploading new SKUs or new products as the new shipment arrives, reporting related to in-stock inventory through our online stores’ backend CMS Magento (Zasimo) and POS connected Aurora Vending Systems for Quiz Clothing. Also handling customer support for online orders while coordinating with Order Fulfilment Team for both the brands

·         Both Brands Seller Center management on Daraz while coordination with Daraz Team





Key Result Areas
·         Look after the overall digital media presence of our company on all the digital media platforms, most importantly SEO, Google My Business, Google Adwords, LinkedIn, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter

·         Analyzing, discussing and executing digital media strategies organically to reach potential customers, who are looking for the solution to their problems daily (as we are one of the known software as a service SAAS provider). In addition to that, I have the major responsibility to execute paid targeted Ad campaigns on LinkedIn, Google Ad PPC campaigns while using the built in tools like keyword planner and setting up the Ad extensions as per the requirements of different campaigns, Integration of Google Analytics tool to have access the insight data for each campaign, Facebook, and Twitter as per our organization requirements.

·         Look after overall action plans from content idea generation to content posting including the content’s overall copy, graphic designing and also the video-based content creation like a satisfied customer “success story” based interviews, technology implementation based video content pieces and other High- quality video content creation while coordinating with the in-house team.








Key Result Areas
·         Brainstorming, Planning and Executing digital and social media strategies to increase viewership for our official news channel 92 News HD plus, News based morning show and other programs with coordination of whole social media team and programming

·         Presenting 24 hours based social media analysis for our major social media platforms to higher management

·         Looking after the tasks assigned to each SME working in all 3 shifts on daily basis

·         Handling issues if arise on our pages on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube (for YouTube will do direct coordination with our official YouTube team). Direct in contact with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram support if any issue arise.

·         Managing all the day to day routine tasks relevant to department by coordinating with each Team member.

·         During my stay till now, I got verified account badges for 92 News Official Facebook and Instagram Pages, which is a big milestone achieved in short time period (as nobody did it for them on this position)


Key Result Areas
·         Looking after digital and social media activities for both brands; Shenzen PK Cell and by creative idea generating, planning and execution of digital and social media strategies (from digital media ads to social media existence via day to day aggressive push posts on different platforms and advertising etc);

·         Planning and revisiting the branding strategies on weekly, biweekly, monthly or quarterly as per the requirements including announcements related to brand positioning in different retail outlets across the country, technology improvements, new products and all other important announcements posts on social media and other marketing channels;

·         Brainstorming and generating more creative ideas for improving the brand image on all the existing marketing channels like: Print, Electronic and Digital Media;

·         Planning and executing of advertising strategies on TV and Social media (all major platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Google and Instagram);

·         For PK Cell, I have planned, produced and executed animated TVC & media strategy as well to officially announce our existence in the market;

·         In addition to the PK Cell, I am also looking after online sales for our newly started brand, a premium Original Mobile Accessories Brand in Pakistan;

·         Evaluation and analysis of all marketing channels including TV, Print and Social media for both brands; and

·         As social media expert, I have handled various social media advertising campaigns for SME companies like Good Nite& Ultra Baby Diapers, Study Zone, iMeat, Meatex, Less Sodium Salt by M&H Traders and some other known brands.


During my tenure there in Entirely Social, I had worked with more than 30 brands.


Core Responsibilities & Key Achievements:
·         Handling & responding to inquiries received from prospective clients, making digital/ social media proposals/pitches & meeting clients, planning, designing and execution of content/action plan for each brand, working on new social media and content strategies to promote these brands with the collaboration of in-house creative team under me;

·         Working as a major point of contact between entirely social and brands to resolve issues like collecting/generating content from brand itself;

·         Overseeing overall project related operations and handling all the day to day queries for different brands and Entirely Social key projects;

·         Handling various web design and development projects under entirely social for well-known brands like OLX Pakistan, Maryam Arif, Mlily UK, iBroked and many others;

·         During that time, I had won many big projects for my Company like Hajra Hayat, Flair Beauty Salon, Lahore Chatkhara and OLX Pakistan; and

·         Handling following projects as Project Manager: Lahore Chatkhara, OLX Pakistan, Crescent, iBroked, Groupado, Cadet College Jhang, Madeehas, Uzmaz Salon, Flair Beauty Salon, Studio O Furniture Design, Amina Raja Makeup Lounge and many well-known brands.


As project manager my major responsibilities were:
·         Making content & action plan for each project;

·         Planning and executing of new strategies to promote these brands with the collaboration of creative team. It includes: contests, content posting ideas, changes in cover images as per the events and more creative ideas

·         Working as middle man between entirely social and client to resolve issues like collecting content from client, payments and other required materials; and

·         Looking after customer support with our support team, so each query will be handled with ease.


During that job, my Key responsibilities and achievements were.


Core Responsibilities & Key Achievements:
·         Handling and streamlining all the processes like Order management, Deliveries & Shipment management and more importantly Customer Support on daily basis.

·         Increased the Categories of Deals.

·         Streamlining the COD (Cash on Delivery) Process with the help of various courier companies like: TCS, Leopard, BlueEx and OCS for nationwide deliveries and shipments.

·         Team Building including Orders Team, Customer Support, and Deal Management & Design Team.

·         Improving the Quality Check SOPs.

·         Building relations with Vendors for getting Quality Merchandise and Defect Free Services.

·         Worked as Merchandiser/Retail Buyer, to get the only good quality product in for the purpose of higher customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

·         Planning and selecting a range of products to sell to online discount deals customers.

·         Analyzing consumer buying behavior and predict future trends.

·         Constantly looking for more suppliers for future products.

·         Meeting suppliers and negotiating contract terms.

·         Implementing and executing strategies to keep the advantage in competition, product pricing, analyzing sales trends.

·         Responsible for better margin performance and deal category management.


Department: Business Development
Social media and business development executive and my core responsibility to handle all the branding activity for our company on Social media and also to handle Marketing & Business Development. I am using all the latest

tools for social media. I have 2+ years’ experience in Social media. Hoot Suite is the key tool which I am using for posting on main Social media channels and also I am looking for business development.


Business Development Responsibilities:
I have the expertise in proposal writing and bidding on Elance, guru and other freelancing portals. In addition to that, I am also doing marketing & business development for our products i.e. Software (Enterprise-based applications) &ImpTrax’s (Parent Company of GuruTrax Solutions) Database Applications in local Market.


Key Result Areas:
·         Finding projects & bidding on freelancing portals like Guru, Elance, Odesk, Freelancer and others;

·         Currently, I am biding on web application & programming, software application, and database projects;


·         I am moving along with my given targets and looking for more projects for our company;

·         Looking after our email marketing campaign;

·         Planning & executing Business Development Strategies for our products & services in the local market;

·         Conducting marketing research at the pre-launching phase of our products and meeting with clients along with our product demos/mockups with corporate level presentations;

·         Covering branding on our page through wall posts and sometimes event based postings;

·         Customer Follow-ups and closing deals;

·         Negotiating terms & conditions with customers; and

·         Implementing new strategies for Social media through expert’s tips and exploring new tactics.






Projects and Tools Used:
·         Ufone UGuess Competition & whole campaign on social media.

·         PEL Mother’s Day Competition

·         PEL Eid Card sharing and Eid Campaign

·         Orient Iftaar Competition & Campaign Ramadan 2011

·         Orient Independence Day celebration & campaign

·         Orient Cool Week Campaign

·         Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Youtube, HootSuite, LinkedIn, Flickr, WordPress and SEO.


n  Handling account for Orient Group Pakistan, Gourmet and Menu Foods Pakistan for all the social media branding;

n  Exploring new ideas about how to Brand our product over Social media. Like: looking for new social communities on the Internet and creating awareness among different social communities for our Brand through articles, TVCs and ad promotions;

n  Looking after social media strategy, so I can satisfy our clients accordingly. Branding Ufone,Gsm, all over Pakistan through Social media like Facebook, YouTube, Orkut and other famous social networks here in Pakistan;

n  Regularly updating the polls, walls, and blogs on different social community sites;

n  Creating different communities on different Social media so to evoke more fans towards the Brand;

n  Dealing with the issues regarding the fake branding on these social communities, so that we can generate revenues being the sole representative of that brand;

n  Generating activity reports about our daily, weekly, biweekly and monthly developments; and

n  Uploading TVCs and publishing Blogs regarding our Brand on different social media communities.

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