Muhammad Kausar Khan


Mechanical Engineer
Location: Doha, Qatar


Place:                                       Doha-Qatar

Saudi Council of Engineers:       347984

Pakistan Engineering Council:   MECH/20206

Qatar ID:                                       Applied for New ID (Under process)

Visa Status:                                   Work Visa (NOC will arrange after New ID)

Availability:                                   Immediately


Seeking new challenging and high-level result-oriented environment in well reputed MEP Engineering especially in project management, consultancy, design, contracting firms, development, quality assurance, documentation and drawings associated with mechanical engineering, enhancing my capabilities, knowledge and skills in a viable manner for benefit of organization as well as professional career growth.


Having around Total 13.6 years (Saudi Arabia – 6.6 years: Afghanistan – 2.7 years: Pakistan – 4.3 Year) of MEP Professional Experience in Mega, High Rise, Villas, Laundries, Commercial Kitchens & Infra Project etc.

1:                               AL-BAWANI CONSTRUCTION COMPANY SAUDI ARABIA

Designation:            Mechanical Engineer

Section:                    Technical/QA/QC Department – KAUST Housing Expansion Thuwal Jeddah

Duration:                  [22-02-20 till 18-02-21, Thuwal Jeddah] – [Since 9th September 15 to 18th February 21]

Clients/Consultant: [KAUST] – King Abdullah University of Science & Technology/Dar Al-Riyadh

Projects:                   1). KAUST Housing Expansion Project – Thuwal Jeddah, (Contract. CRW-5082)

2).ARABSAT (Satellite Communication HQ) As-Safarat, Riyadh, (Contract. 61155)

3).KAFD-Tower 406 – King Abdullah Financial District Riyadh, (Contract. DB16P403)

4).Sharma Complex, King & HRH Project, Tabuk, (Contract. 62231/TB-1750)

5).KBS Residences Modifications As-Safarat District Riyadh, (Contract. 62260)

6).Accommodation/Villas – HRH ABA – Diriyah Riyadh, (Contract. 62205/62268)


·      Study Project Documents to take into consideration all Project Details during Execution.

·      Perform Design Review for Awarded Project and confirm all related Calculations.

·      Prepare Request for Clarification (RFC)/Technical Query (TQ) to resolve all Conflicts.

·      Preparing Material Submittals of Mechanical System.

·      Preparing and Review Shop Drawings, Coordination Drawings, Red-line & As-Built Drawings of all System.

·      Preparing Mobilization Plan of New Assigned Project.

·      Prepare BOQs, Contract Pricing, Quantity Survey (QS) and Cost Estimation of Material to be purchased.

·      Prepare Technical Evaluation of Equipment Vendor’s Proposals & Contractual Agreements.

·      Material Requests, Quotations, PO & Follow-up Delivery on time as per Approved Submittals.

·      Reviewing Coordination of Drawing with Other Activates and Departments.

·      Prepare and Follow-up Variation Change Orders.

·      Prepare Invoices based on Progress Report.

·      Technical Support for all issues related to Engineering.

·      Follow-up Final Handover of Project Including All Required Documents.

·      Attending Technical meetings with Clients and Consultants.

·      Prepare Regularly (Weekly) submit Reports and maintain Records.

·      Prepare List for all Required Mechanical Spare Parts, Warranties, Asset List, and O&M Manuals.

·      Coordinate and Witness of Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) with Vendor Factory visits.

·      Record Punch List, Conduct Training and Follow-up Project Closure and Handing Over Documentation.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC):

·      Prepare Quality Plan, Procedure, Document, Checklist, Test Plan, ITP, Method Statement and Punch-list.

·      Checking Materials received at site, Verify Compliance, Project Requirements & Raising RFI of Material.

·      Ensure Compliance of All Material Procurement and Maintain Quality of Material.

·      Follow-up NCR and Initiate Corrective Action if Work done is not per Approved Documents.

·      Make Internal Inspection and after verifying Work Done, Raise (IR’s) for Inspection.

·      Identify Quality Problems or Areas for Improvement and Recommend Solutions.

·      Responsible for all aspects related to Project Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Safety Plan.

·      Daily Site Inspection and Periodical Off-site Inspection.

·      Ensuring that all Test Reports are verified to meet the Contract Requirements.

·      Completion of Final Quality Documentation in a Presentable Manner & as per conditions of contract.

·      Coordinate all Inspections, Monitor Required Tests, Record Inspections and Tests after Approval.

·      Liaise with Client’s Representatives for Regular inspections at Site.

·      Attend Weekly/Monthly Project Review Meetings (PRM) and alert Project Team if any Potential Problems.

·      Keeps Daily Record using PROCORE Construction Software and Submittals Register.


·      Assess Technical Specification, BOQ, Drawings, to determine suitable vendors and suppliers.

·      Prepare inquiry Documents about Standards, Specifications, BOQ’s & Drawings, as per Project.

·      Review Quotations of Technical & Commercial Specifications received from vendors and suppliers.

·      Review Vendors & Suppliers Quotations to determine best price & deliver date.

·      Prepare & issue Material Purchase Orders including Take-off of Quantities in accordance with finalized quotations of selected suppliers, price, technical specifications and follow up their delivery in time.

·      Locate the genuine Source for each Specific Mechanical Items.

·      Procure Mechanical/HVAC/Plumbing/Firefighting/Irrigation Items & Spares.

·      Explore Market and Develop Vendors and Procure Quality Mechanical Items.

·      Follow-up Procurement, Properly negotiate Prices & maintain record of Procured Items to date.

Testing & Commissioning:

·      Prepare Commissioning Plans, Forms, Checklist, Test Procedures, Method Statement, Maintain Records.

·      Check all installations Prior to Pre-commissioning Activities.

·      Checks Pre and Post Commissioning for all Mechanical installations.

·      Preparing Site Reports (Related to Progress of Testing and Commissioning Activities).

·      Know how to take Readings from Measuring Instruments of Testing and Commissioning Equipment’s.

·      Coordinating with Contractors/T&C/TAB Agency/Consultant/Client.

·      Prepare Documents before Handover Fully Operational System for Acceptance by Client.

·      Arrange and Prepare of Client Training Program.

·      Take Over Certificate (TOC) after Systems Final Approval.


HVAC System: Water Cooled Chiller, Cooling Tower, Reverse Osmosis (RO) System, Chemical Dosing System, Air Separator, Condenser, Primary, Secondary Pump For Central Cooling Plant, Heat Exchanger Pump, Plate Heat Exchanger for Energy Transfer System, BTU Meters, Ventilation Systems, Car Parking & Tunnel Ventilation Systems, Extract Systems (Atrium, Smoke, Kitchen and Toilet), CRAC (Computer Room Air Condition) Unit for Data Center, Multi-V-VRF & VRF System & TIER-III Performance Certification from Uptime Institute UK, AHU (Floor & Ceiling Mounted), Fresh Air Handling Unit, Package Unit, Concealed (DX) & Mini Split FCU, Cassette FCU & Radiator Generator Exhaust, CHW Pipe & Ducting, VAVs, Sound Attenuator, Dampers, Grills, Diffuser, Sand Trap Louver, Heat Pipes, Inertial Filter,  Exhaust Hood  &  BMS System.

Infra Utilities:  Sanitary Sewer Drainage, Storm Water, Foul Sewer, Foul Sewer Rising Main, Irrigation System [Installation, Testing, Commissioning & Handover (Water Tanks, Pumps, Controllers, Meter, Flow Sensors, Solenoid/QCV/ARV/IV, Boxes, Pipes, Fittings, Pop-up Sprinklers, Bubblers, Emitters, Drip-line) Portable Water Network, Perforated Pipe Network, Firefighting Network, Fire Hydrant, All type of Valve Chambers (Isolation, Air Valve, Flow Meter & Distribution, Tie-in Connection, Valve Pit), All type of infra fittings, Spindle and Bracket, Lifting Station, GRP, RC Manhole with Cover, FRP Ladder etc.

Plumbing System: Soil, Waste, Vent, Condenser, Rain Water Piping, Water Supply – Hot and Cold System,         Booster Pump, Water Heater, Kitchen Equipment’s, Sanitary Fixtures and all Accessories, Drinking Fountain, Pump Room Assembly (Potable Water, Irrigation water and Rejection Water), Elevators & Escalators as per BS 5655/5656. Medical Gas System. Kitchen LPG installation, Fuel System, Water Feature/Fountain & Swimming Pool System.

Testing and Balancing: Sterilization and Chlorination of Water Main, Room Integrity Test, Air Flow Balancing, Duct Air/Smoke Test, Smoke Test for FM 200, Hydrostatic Pressure Test, Gravity Leak Test, Pneumatic Test (Nitrogen & Air), Flow Test and Flushing for All System according to Standards.

Firefighting System: Dry/Wet Sprinkler System, Foam Sprinkler system, Stand Pipe (Fire Hose Cabinets & Landing Valves), Deluge System for Transformer Room, Alarm Check Valve Assembly-ZCV, Fire Extinguisher, Fire Hose Cabinet, Fire Department Connection, CO2 Fire Suppression System, Novec-1230, FM 200, Firefighting Water Pump Room assembly (Electrical, Diesel & Jockey Pump), Fuel Point (Fuel Tank & Dispenser) & Diesel Tank, Fire Curtain, Smoke Management System.


Designation:              Mechanical Engineer (Project)

Section:                      Engineering Office at Radwa-8, Yanbu, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Duration:                     July 25 2011 to July 14 2012

Clients/Consultant:    Royal Commission Yanbu KSA/A.AL-Rabia Consultant

Projects:                      1).Two Jumma Mosques Radwa-8 & Jabriyah-2 Yanbu. (Contract. PIC G- 1681A)

2).49 Villas – Doctor Residences Yanbu. (Contract. PIC G- 1590A)


·      Responsible for entire site execution including Estimation, Material selection and Installation.

·      Ensure the quality of work as per the approved latest shop Drawings /design drawings and specification.

·      Coordination with other disciplines and ensures availability of site clearance to start HVAC Activities.

·      Arrange the sufficient manpower for various site activities and Ensure sufficient material availability.

·      Responsible for Installation of FCUs, AHUs and Accessories at appropriate locations as per approvals.

·      Installation of GI Ducting, Testing and insulation with accessories like VCDs, FDs, VFDs, VAVs, CAVs, MFDs, etc. at appropriate locations as per Latest Drawing.

·      Installation of Air Outlets like Diffusers, Louvers and Grills with coordination of Interior Designers.

·      Responsible for Site Installation Activities of Various DX Air-Conditioning System.

·      Responsible for Plumbing, Drainage, Fire Extinguishers and Irrigation works.

·      Regular monitoring of Site activities ensuring the qualification of personnel, equipment and material.

·      Directly responsible for Safety of all Mechanical Groups Personnel of Project by ensuring Project Execution done as per All Applicable Health, Safety and Environmental Standards.

·      Testing and commissioning activities including Pre-Commissioning, Work Planning and Risk Assessment.

·      Start up and Handover to Consultant & Owner representatives.

·      Prepare As-built Drawing, User Manual and Project Closeout up to Client satisfaction.


2.7 YEARS (JULY 2012 TO FEBRUARY 2015)

(Multi-Disciplined Engineering Firm)

Designation:               Senior Mechanical Engineer

Section:                       Engineering/Design Department at FRENCO Head Office Kabul Afghanistan.

Duration:                     20th July 2012 to 15th February 2015

Clients/Consultant:    US Army Corps of Engineers – Afghan Engineers District (USACE-AED)

Projects:                      1).Solar Tub Well Chal Takhar Afghanistan. (Contract. W5J9JE-12-C-0082)

2).UP District HQ Koh Band, Kapisa. (Contract. W5J9JE-12-C-01280)

3).ANP Provincial Response Gardez. (Contract. W5J9JE-12-C-0061)

4).MOI Supply Point, Qallat, Zabul. (Contract. W5J9LE-12-C-0031)

5).NCR Fuel Depot Improvement Kabul. (Contract. FA8903-06-R-9991-R171)

6).ANA Level II, Regional Military Hospital Shorabak. (Contract. W5K9FH-14-R-0002)

7).ANP (PRC) Sharana District, Paktika Province, (Contract No. W5J9LE-12-C-0104)

8).MOI Supply Point, Fire Station Namroz. (Contract. W5J9LE-12-C-0065)

9).ANP UP DHQ Compound Shinkay, (Contract No. W5J9LE-12-C-0069)

10).UP DHQ –PRECINCT, Ghazni Province. (Contract. W5J9JE-12-C-0163)


·      Managing Assigned Projects through full Project life cycle.

·      MEP Project Handling, Shop/Redlines/As-Built Drawings, Material Submittal, BOQ, Method of Statement, ITP, RFI’s, Coordination with Suppliers, Contractors and Consultant/Client.

·      Project Planning, Schedule & Control using Primavera (P-6) Software.

·      HVAC, Plumbing, Firefighting, Fuel System Material Take-off, Estimation, Mate


·      rial Request and get Quotations as per market competition.

·      Preparing Material Purchase, Inventory Control and Final Material Reconciliation.

·      Making Invoicing and get Payment Certification of All Kind of Work from USACE-AED.

·      Remotely control various projects site work flow & Coordination with other Services to ensure the assignments are completed within stipulated time.

·      Pumps, Air compressors, Fuel (Diesel & Petrol),  Propane Tanks, Fuel Dispensers, Stove (Wood, Propane), Water Wells, Water Tanks, Septic Tanks, Leach Field/Soakage Pit, Roof Steel Trusses, Corrugated Sheet, Gutters & Downspouts, Solar Panels, Solar/Electric Tube Well.

·      Attend Regular progress, technical & safety meetings with Engineers/Client/Consultant and to provide update on various project progresses.

·      Update Daily Mechanical Record of various projects using QCS Construction Software.

·      Supporting Mechanical Equipments Startup and Third party testing & commissioning, O & M Manuals Preparation, training, Final Project Handover and Take-over Certification.

4:                                 NESPAK – NATIONAL ENGINEERING SERVICES PAKISTAN (PVT.) LTD PAKISTAN                                                                     (Inter-National Consultancy Firm)

Designation:              Mechanical Engineer (Design/Inspector)

Section:                      Building Services Section Islamabad

Division:                      DM & R (Disaster Management & Reconstruction) Division Islamabad Pakistan

Duration:                    2nd March 2009 to 18th July 2011

Clients/Consultant:   Government/ERRA Islamabad Pakistan

Projects:                     1).Schools, Colleges, Offices & Laboratories, Residential Dormitories etc.

2).Office, Shopping Mall & Exhibition Halls.

3).Health Unit(BHU)/RHC, Central Jail, Abbottabad, Hazara University, Mansehra,                                                         Police Line Abbottabad, Session Courts Abbottabad

4).Design of Rain Water Harvesting for ERAA, Hospital Chakisar


QA Inspector:

·      Continually Review Contractor’s Construction Schedule during Site Works Progress.

·      Attending (IR’s) submitted by Contractor and take appropriate action on Timely Manner.

·      Reviewing Shop Drawings against Contract Drawings, Specifications and Codes for compliance.

·      Prepare Technical Clarifications to Tender Design to suit On-site Construction and Co-ordination Issues.

·      Report any works carried out by contractor violate per approved documents.

·      Review Material Submittel, Method Statements against Specified Technical Performance requirements.

·      Monitoring Quality of Works and Assess Safety at Site including Health and Environmental Issues.

·      Maintaining Records for Daily Activities on Site including Progress Photos and ensure they are readily available for inspection as and when required.

·      Preparing Surveillance Report/ Non Conformance Reports (NCR) of work deficiencies found at site.

·      Providing Technical Input and experiences to resolve any discipline related issues on site that may arise.

·      Undertake General Project Site Observation/Inspection of Mechanical Services Work.

·      Report any breaches, if required stop construction works if unsafe Practices are being followed.

·      Be available to undertake off-site inspections of proposed equipments and materials.

·      Contractor’s Proposed Mechanical System, Testing & Commissioning, Methods and Schedule.

·      Witness On-site Piped System Pressure Test, Duct Leakage Testing and others (if any).

·      Witness Mechanical System Final Testing and Commissioning.

·      Review and Comment on Contractor’s Testing and Commissioning Results.


·      Preparation of Prime Cost Estimates, Tenders in accordance with client requirements and risk analysis for justification of contingency if any for submission to apply mark up and arrive at tender submission price.

·      Prepares Cost Comparison Sheets for all Supply & Sub-contractor items.

·      Do Pricing for complete projects as per company’s pricing format.

·      Ensure Subcontractor Responses are complete & Tabulated accurately on Bid Evaluation Spreadsheet.

·      Attends Internal Kick-Off Meeting & Handover all Contract Documents to Project Team

·      Establishing Bidder Lists, Evaluating and Pre-qualifying Vendors, Bid Assessments, Audits, Reviewing Supplier Documentation for Compliance with Client Specifications and Codes.

·      Preparation and Issue of Bid Documents for Procurement use.

Plumbing System:

·      Prepare Detailed Design Concept of Plumbing System.

·      Design of Water Supply, Drainage, Storm System & Medical Gas Supply System.

·      Design & Execution of Rain Water Harvesting System.

·      Prepare Plumbing Drawings using Software AutoCAD.

·      Technical Knowledge of Hydraulics, Piping Systems, Pumps and Equipment’s.

·      Review all Design Drawing to meet as per Standards IPC, UPC, NPC, BCP, IMC, ASTM, DIN, BSS & IFGC.

·      Making Bill of Quantities (BOQs), Engineer’s Cost Estimates.

HVAC System:

·      Development of Preliminary Layout & Construction Documents.

·      Performs Field-Observations in Preliminary Design Phase.

·      Familiar about ASHRAE, SMACNA, DW, AMCA, AABC, ASTM, NEBB, ANSI, BS, ISO 9001/1400, NFPA, NEC

·      Cooling/Heating Load Calculations using Software HAP 4.41.

·      Ducting & CHW Pipe Design (McQuay Duct & Pipe Sizer), Routing, Ventilation and Air Balancing.

·      Fan External Static Pressure and Pump Head Calculation.

·      Preparation of HVAC Calculations & Equipment’s Selection, BMS (Basic).

·      Preparation of Tender Drawings, Plans, Layouts, Isometrics, Details and Schedules.

·      Preparation of Project Based Technical Specifications.

·      Preparation of Estimated Bill of Quantities (BOQ’s) and Cost Estimation.

Firefighting System:

·      Knowledge about Standards NFPA, BFC, UL, FM, Civil Defense Code.

·      Classification of Fire Hazards, Pipe Sizing, Sprinkler Layout, Fire Pump Sizing, Fire Water Demand.

·      Preparation of Fire Fighting Systems (Fire Water Main, Hydrants, Hose Reel, Deluge Water Spray Systems, Foam Systems, FM200, NOVEC1230, Fire Extinguishers.)

·      Pressure Loss and Hydraulic Calculation, Pipe Sizing & Selection of Fire Pumps.

·      Preparation of Tender Design Package (Specifications, BOQ, Estimation, Drawings).

5:                                CHERAT CEMENT COMPANY (PVT.) LTD. NOWSHERA KPK PAKISTAN

Designation:              Assistant Manager Mechanical (Engineer-III)

Section:                      Mechanical/Site Department

Group/Location:       Ghulam Farooq Group Nowshera K.P.K. Pakistan

Duration:                    01/06/ 2007 to 28/02/2009

Clients/Consultant:   Ghulam Farooq Group of Companies

Projects:                     1). Cement Grinding Area Shift In-charge.

2). Packing Plant Construction


Maintenance Activities:

·      Managing Technical Staff & Day to Day Activities at Site.

·      Preparing Preventive Schedule for Cement Grinding Area using Preventive Maintenance System (PMS).

·      Operation & Maintenance of Cement Grinding Area during Operations/Shut/Break-Down.

·      Plant Maintenance (PM) Module of SAP & Lotus Notes for Tracking & Monitoring of Mechanical Task.

·      Monitoring Safety Standards and ensuring Proper Maintenance of Machines.

Packing Plant Construction:

·      Reading, interpreting Mechanical Blueprints, Technical Drawings, Schematics.

·      Analyzing Design Proposals, Specifications, Manuals to Evaluate Feasibility, Cost and Maintenance.

·      Installing, T&C, Maintaining Mechanical Products, Equipment, Systems and Processes as per Drawings.

·      Supervision & Installation of HVAC, Plumbing [Water Supply, Storm, Sanitary Drainage, Firefighting, Waste Heat Recovery Unit, Compressors, Pumps, Blowers, Turbine & Nozzles.


DEGREE                         UNIVERSITY                                              YEAR                                        AGG/DIV/GRADE

B.Sc. Mech Engg.    U.E.T. Peshawar (KPK) Pakistan      2006                               72%/1st/A (W/Honors)         M.Sc. Mech Engg.   U.E.T.P. [Course Work Completed 2009, Thesis/Degree Left Incomplete due to Domestic Problems].

B.Sc Project:                   Design and Fabrication of Demonstration Model of Solar Power Plant

Mini Project:                   Air Conditioning Cooling/Heating Load Calculation of Small Building


1:                                     Kohat Cement Company (Pvt.) Ltd. Kohat (KPK) Pakistan. (Two Month)

2:                                     Daud Sons Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. Peshawar (KPK) Pakistan.    (Two Month)


·         Project Engineering, Standards, Codes, Construction Plans, Specifications, Design Review.

·         HVAC, Plumbing, Firefighting, Irrigation

·         Tendering, Estimation, Drawing Preparation

·         Material Submittal, Material Purchase & Cost Control

·         Project Management, Scheduling, Planning

·         Authority Coordination & QA/QC Inspection

·         MEP Building Services at Site & Infra Utilities Coordination & Construction Supervision.

·         Snag/Punch List,  Testing & Commissioning

·         O and M Manuals, Training, Handover


·         Time Management, Leadership

·         Excellent Communication (Verbal, Non Verbal)

·         Decision Maker,  Technical Constraints Solver

·         Confident and Proactive Nature

·         Cross-functional Multidisciplinary Team Work


PROCORE, QCS/RMS, Mechanical/Plumbing/FF/HVAC/Irrigation/Equipments Calculation Excel Sheets, HAP 4.9, Block Load 4.15 (Basic), MCQUAY Pipe Sizer, MCQUAY Duct Sizer, Psychometric Analyzer, Elite Fire (Basic), WATERCAD/EPANET. AutoCAD 2019/G-Star CAD, Revit MEP (Beginner), MS Office, Primavera-6, PMS & Lotus Notes, Adobe Photoshop CS8.


·         NASP – 10 Hours Construction Course [Al-Bawani Co.KSA]

·         Health & Safety Workshop [Al-Bawani Co.KSA]

·         08 Hours Course on Effective Time Management [NESPAK Pakistan]

·         16 Hours Course (Each) on Effective Presentations and Basic Writing Skills. [NESPAK Pakistan]

·         Two days in House Training of Project Management at NESPAK [LMDA Associates Pakistan]

·         An Integrated Approach to HVAC Design & Performance. [Continuing Education Distance Program National Institute of Building Sciences Washington, DC USA]

·         ISO Management System Audit Techniques and Best Practices [ALISON ONLINE]

·         Quality Control System (QCS), [US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE-AED) Afghanistan]

·         Presentation on Bearings, Different Techniques of Vibration Analysis (CHERAT Cement Pakistan)

·         Microsoft Office – MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet Course (University of Peshawar Pakistan)


Exhibitions Attended:     “HVACR” at Convention Centre Riyadh Saudi Arabia

“HVACR” at Jinnah Convention Centre Islamabad Pakistan

“ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineering)” UET Peshawar Pakistan

Technical Visits:              HVAC Plant at NHA Head Quarter Islamabad Pakistan

Alternate Energy Development Board (AEDB) Islamabad Pakistan

Nowshera Sheet Glass Industry Ltd. Nowshera (KPK) Pakistan


·                                            Letter of Honorarium from NESPAK Pakistan

·                                            Certificate of Appreciation from FRENCO-USACE-AED Afghanistan


Date of Birth:                  01-03-1983

Nationality:                     Pakistani

Birth Place:                     Karak KPK Pakistan

Marital Status:                Married

Passport No:                   UG4115393 (Valid up to 07.07.2030)

Driving License:              Pakistan, Qatar (Progress)

Religion & Cast:             Islam & Muslim-Sunni

Language Known:         English, Urdu, Pashto (Excellent), Arabic, Persian (Average)



I solemnly declare that all the cited things here are true to the best of my knowledge.






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