Mr Alnaser Ameer


Electronics Technician
Location: United Kindom

Personal Summary

A hard working and organized person who gives great attention to details and aims to achieve targets with the best results possible. Innovative mind with passion and great ability to solve problems. Demonstrated the ability to work independently and in a team to manage and deliver customer orders while also improve the manufacturing system. Looking forward to start a new role in the Engineering field.


Work experience

Jan 2021 – Now
Electronics Technician
Cheyney Design – Cambridgeshire

  • Responsible for the assembly testing of Xray generators, Controllers and Detectors.
  • Managing and authoring the assembly SOPs and quality control procedures.
  • Soldering and inspection of PCBs to component level.
  • Fault finding and repairing of Xray machine electronic parts.
  • Working with the development team to organize next generation firmware and contribute to new designs testing


Aug 2018 – May 2020
Development and Test Engineer
HCD Research Ltd – West Sussex

  • Was responsible for part of the development, building, tuning and testing of Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators.
  • Used proteus software to create/modify products PCBs.
  • Utilised Excel software to organise and record tests data and results.
  • Carried out soldering of various components including surface mount on oscillator PCBs.
  • Tested and improved new OCXOs products for more temperature and frequency stability.
  • Took the initiative to improve the company’s stock recording system and parts of customer orders.


Academic qualifications

September 2014 – June 2016
BENG in Electrical and Electronic Engineering technology
Greenwich University – Medway (Kent)
Grade achieved: First Class
Modules included:

  • Final Year Project. Title: Information Display System. Designed and developed RTL VHDL codes including:
  • A PS/2 keyboard interface.
  • ROMs and a RAM to identify and store keyboard inputs.
  • FSMs, Counters and multiplexers.
  • Sync and LCD screen interface/driver.
  • Group Project. Title: Solar Powered Air Compressor System for Airlift Pumps. Gained team work experience in:
  • Feasibility study.
  • Analysis of potential problems and evaluation of possible solutions.
  • Market research, project budget and parts selection study.
  • Building and testing of the airlift pump.

Gained in depth knowledge in VHDL programming and simulation with Quartus and Modelsim software.


September 2012 – July 2013
HND Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Uxbridge College – London
Grade achieved: Triple Distinction
Modules included:

  • Project Design, Implementation and Evaluation. Title: Metal Detector car. The project included the design and development of:
  1. Two detector coils (one to create a magnetic field and the other to detect).
  2. Voltage and current amplifier circuits.
  3. A comparator using Arduino chip.

Completed a two years course in one year. Exposed to some basic skills in 2D/3D CAD software.


September 2011 – July 2012
Certificate of Higher Education in Electronic Engineering
Westminster University-London
Grade achieved: Merit
Modules included:

  • Engineering Programming. Learned about C programming. Programs included:
  • Project: Create pointer based linked nodes to traverse different geometric shapes according to user input.
  • Linear Systems analysis. Learned system modelling and analysis in Matlab.


Interests and Hobbies

  • Computers and technology in general.
  • Renewable energy and sustainability of earth resources.
  • Electronics, programming and project management.
  • Enjoy swimming, football, nature photography and travel.
  • Engineering, Technicians
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