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Subject Matter Expert
Location: Doha, Qatar

Curriculum Vitae

Safia Taj
Computer Science Engineer/Machine Learning Data Analyst

An enterprising leader with proven abilities in overseeing teams and ensuring effective management of various resources. Possess the ability to build positive rapport, inspire trust and guide teams towards achievement of organizational goals. Always willing to learn, unlearn and relearn.
To contribute actively to the growth of organization and to become an asset for the organization in particular and to myself in general.
Having requisite experience of 3 years in the field of IT Operations as Subject Matter Expert (SME).

B. Tech – Bachelor of technology in Computer Science Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada.

Proactive and able to prioritize work, good inter personal skills, attention to details, customer focused, responsive and able to multi-task
Has a strong and highly motivated work ethic; excellent team attitude and inter-personal skills
Excellent data entry skills with strong attention to detail and a high level of accuracy
Ability to learn production processes quickly and apply technical knowledge to resolve issues
Articulate, confident, driven professional with the ability to work with like-minded professionals in a result oriented, fast-paced and growing environment
Understand the issue and make best use of the available resources to resolve it.
In charge of managing a team of ~30 analysts who provide human supervisory control of automated tasks in Amazon Robotics Fulfillment Centers, based on processes and guidelines.
Provide individual coaching & feedback to the team with weekly and monthly sessions that focus on improving metrics-based performance and overall customer satisfaction.
Conduct L&D sessions for team and prepare them for the next opportunity.
Manage and drive staffing, scheduling, quality and floor & process level initiatives.
Worked with multiple programs and projects.
People management including appraisal, training and fostering talent to groom employees for organic growth and control attrition in the process.
Monitor real time SLAs and schedule adherence; taking accountability of meeting and exceeding performance targets for the team.
Communicate and liaise with internal teams such as Workforce, AR, IDS and ACES to ensure business as usual and plug in loopholes to improve employee as well as customer experience.
Represent the team during Gemba walks; participate in continuous improvement initiatives in order to eradicate bottlenecks.
Identify as well as rectify errors done by the Kiva Bots and Stowing Associate in the real time analysis.
Responsible for monitoring over 20 Amazon Robotic fulfillment centers across the United States
Responsible for providing machine learning tactics in the system in order to help the system to identify errors on their own.
Able to systematically escalate problems or variance in the information to the relevant owners/ team according to process and standard.
Excellent communication, both verbal and written as required communicating with internal and external stakeholders.
Understand performance metrics to create analysis allowing to drive business results.
Drive results in live environment.
Analyze and detect exceptions.
Meets predetermined and assigned productivity targets and quality standards.

Current Company Details:
Company Name: AMAZON
Year: Feb15, 2019 to Feb 21, 2022
List of Projects Completed till date in India:
Various HMI Projects with AMAZON Robotics Team:
Project 1: Nike HMI (September 2021-February 2022)
Description : The Nike workstation is a re-engineered station design that reduces associate cognitive load and improves pick and stow rates. TRON is an auditing system where remote associates verify the bin product was placed. Events are sent to TRON when IDS has low confidence in its prediction.
Project 2: AO Shipshape (July 2021-August 2021)
Captured images of the dock areas are sent to human annotators in order to determine if safety hazards are present. If present, the product will alert area managers so that they can remove the hazards
Project 3: CANVAS (March 2021-June 2021)
Description: By seeing accurately, from floor to ceiling, and with the ability to identify objects and people and predict their actions, it can work with humans and other machines in a graceful and fluid manner. The CANVAS team therefore wishes to create a large labeled data-set of different objects and obstacles the carts may see at work
Project 4: CPEX LABELING (Jan 2021- Feb 2021)
Description: CPEX (Customer packaging experience) is a program where AVOC collaborated with the CPEX team to provide visual annotation support for its different use cases
Project 5: Package Zero (Oct 2020-Dec 2020)
Description: Package Free Shipments (PFS) or Package Zero is a sustainability initiative aimed towards achieving “Amazon Global Climate Pledge of reducing C-footprint by 50% by 2030” through a reduction or complete elimination of secondary packaging while protecting the shipment against damages with improved tertiary protection.
Project 6: Photo Validation Process (Aug 2020-Sep 2020)
Description: Trailer Dock Receive (TDR) Photo Validation Process (TDR-PVP) is a process for which AVOC has partnered with North American Transportation Integration (NATI) team, to drive safety compliance during the truck/trailer move all across NAFCs. The process involves visual auditing of the loaded trailers to check load securement and the compliance of the load quality in accordance with trailer loading instructions

Project 7: Robin – Damage & Redact (Dedicated)(June 2020-Jul 2020)
Description: Robin is an automation process used in Amazon sort centers. (Sort centers are where packages are sorted by their final destinations so that they may be routed to the correct location). A robotic arm picks up a package from a conveyor belt (where there may be multiple packages) and is scanned to determine its destination, later its checked for damage and sidelined if damage is found and finally the package is placed on a robotic drive if the package is healthy (no damage)
Project 8: Robin – Place Scene Segmentation and MTBH (March 2020- May 2020)
Description: Robin is an automation process used in Amazon sort centers that helps in reducing defects. Sort centers are where packages are sorted by their final destinations so that they may be routed to the correct location

Project 9: Scout HYD (Jan 2020-Feb 2020)
Description: The Scout Annotations program is aiming to annotate linear collected map data, with simple annotation involving feature annotation and road network connectivity and full feature annotation including object detection.
Project 10: Proxemics (April 2019-Dec 2019)
Description: Proxemics is the field of study of territory and how people use the space to communicate with one another. In light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, social distancing has been recommended by various authorities; to help ensure consistent usage of social distancing measures in areas within the Fulfillment or Sort Centers, Project Proxemics has been launched in Amazon.

Technical Skills:
Expert in MS Office (Word / Excel / PowerPoint) and Internet Technologies.
Strong proficiency in MS Office (including MS Excel, PowerPoint, Word) and MS Outlook.
Knowledge of JAVA programming and development with Programming language skills C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS.
Familiarity with UNIX, Ubuntu, Mac OS, Fedora and MS windows
Proficient knowledge on AWS Cloud Architecture (Certified)
Personal details:

Date of Birth : 30thJan 1997
Marital Status : Married
Nationality : Indian
Languages Known : English, Hindi & Telugu.

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