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Admin, HR and Account
Location: Kuwait







Accountant with a MBA degree, 4+ years’ work related experience and strong back ground in Finance and Accounting and 6+ experience in HR and admin field as well. Seeking employment as an HR Officer in a reputed Organization.




ü  Bank Reconciliation

ü  Trail Balance

ü  Expenses reconciliation

ü  Petty cash Handle

ü  Online Bank Transaction

ü  Project Revenue Working Sheet

ü  Payroll

ü  Final settlment

ü  Labour Law and Procedure

ü  Recruiting





Company Name          : SK Engineering and Construction Co. Ltd, Kuwait

Job Title                      : Accountant

Tenure                         : 2019-May-01 ~ till Present

Office                          : Kuwait SK E&C Branch Office

Reporting to                : SH Lee (Account Manager)

Account System          : SAP



·         Responsible for verify the vendor invoices

·         Responsible for Creating New Vendor and Customer registration

·         Assist in the process of month-end closing procedures; generate journal entries.

·         Assisted Account Manager with preparation of monthly report;

o   Cash and Bank Balance verification

o   Monthly Budget allocation

o   Account Payable

o   JV balance compare with SK EC

o   Accrual reports

o   Calculate variances between actual expenses and budget forecast

o   Cash management

o   Payment approval Process

o   Reconciliation and settlment

·         Responsible for Prepare cheque’s for vendor O/s payment and collect receipt upon invoice amount.

·         Responsible for Online Bank transfers.

·         Responsible for prepare Trial Balance

·         Verify all payment against the invoices and account payables

·         Review invoices and requisitions/PO/DN for satisfactory payment approval.

·         Maintain copies / Scan copy of vouchers, invoices or correspondence necessary for files.

·         Reconcile bank and cash statements.

·         Reconcile with Vendor Statement per request up on O/s.

·         Resolve and escalate issues timely.

·         Cash withdrawal per project request and make vouchers.

·         Responsible for calculate Korean Salary, Kuwait Salary and Staffs Salary


Company Name          : SK Engineering and Construction Co. Ltd, Kuwait

Job Title                      : HR /Admin Officer

Tenure                         : 2014-May-01 to 2019-April-2019

Project                         : MGC Project, Wafra

Client                          : KGOC

Reporting to                : Jung Baek Choi (Admin Manager)


Work as part of a team in account department ensuring that wages are paid correctly and on time. Also responsible for analyzing and reporting on Salary data for respective manager & involved in running employee benefits and final settlement.


Duties (HR / Admin):

·         Calculation of Salary/Payroll over 50 employees.

·         Performed general office duties and administrative tasks.

·         Calculation of Driver and Staffs Over time.

·         Calculation of final settlements Subject to Kuwait Law.

·         Updating Salary data into the company provided software.

·         Verifying and confirming In/Out time card of staffs

·         Preparing HR related Letters

·         Maintaining register of Annual Leave, Sick leave and Other Emergency Leave.

·         Add new /delete terminated staffs on the provided systems.

·         Respond to employee queries as related to payroll etc.

·         Preparing employment Contract for new joiner and renewal contract during expiry of contract.

·         Maintaining Staffs personal files and credentials confidentially.

·         Responsible for track and verify employee working hours on daily basis.

·         Keep track employees RP renewal and Visa Cancellation.

·         Coordinating with various departments for the requirement.

·         Controlling and observing office boy and Cleaner at Client Office.


Duties (General Affair):


·         Purchase & Distributing the Office printing and stationary.

·         In charge for order office utilities such as Diesel, Potable Water this will be scheduled according to site requirements.

·         Responsible for maintaining the cleanliness at office and warehouse area.

·         In charge for office and Toilet Consumables.

·         In charge for office drinking water arrangement.

·         Responsible for handling the petty cash and preparing payment application during the absence of account staff.

·         In charge for Booking flight tickets.

·         In charge for Company vehicle to arrange staffs and Manager.

·         Keep track Vehicle KM and Regular Periodical Service.



Company Name          : SK E&C – KCT JV, India

Designation                  : HR Officer cum Account Support Staff

Tenure                           : 4 years (01 April 2010 to 30th April 2014)

Project                        : Central Govt. Project, Storage of Underground Cavern   Project

Client                           : ISPRL (Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserves Ltd India

Reporting to                 : B.W Lee and BK Kang (Admin Manager)


Duties (HR):

ü  Coordinate the interview with the respective department and Joining Formalities.

ü  Calculation of payroll and Settlement.

ü  Maintain the company’s payroll for Over 500 employees & Over 1000 Laborers.

ü  In charge for create Site ID card (Digital and Manual).

ü  Opening Bank accounts for Staffs.

ü  Follow-up with manpower Supplier credit their Labour salary on time.

ü  In charge for check the supplier’s wages register book and submitted at Labour Ministry office.

ü  In charge for Drafting Offer Letter, Experience Letter and Termination letter.

ü  Keep Maintaining and updating the office notice board in concern with “Minimum Monthly Wages” as per Central Govt Wages Act.

ü  Keep the Staffs personal Information and their credentials confidentially.

ü  Responsible for calculation of PF and ESI and prepare the Challan for payment.

ü  Calculation of Employees TDS on Salaries.

ü  Maintaining Staffs Leave Records (Annual Leave, Casual Leave and Sick leave).

ü  Coordinate with Charted accountant for payment of Employees TDS.

ü  Calculating Bonus, medical allowance and Food allowance.

ü  Filling and calculating Annual and half year return of statutory compliances.

ü   In charge of Vehicle Insurance such as LMV, HMV and machinery Insurance, Tax card, Fitness certificate.

ü  In charge for Labour matters (Licence etc.,) and/or any other matters with ALC/Police/Local administration as/when required.

ü  Physically checking the Labour and staff attendance in inside/Outside tunnel and site area.

ü  In charge for Flight ticket booking, VISA renewal, Agreement renewal, Residential permit of Korean staffs.


Duties (Account):

ü  Payment Entry and journal voucher in tally.

ü  Prepared company accounts and tax returns for audit.

ü  Preparation of payment cheque for vendors.

ü  Bank reconciliation statement.

ü  Calculation of TDS, Service tax.

ü  TDS entries, staff’s income tax calculation, filling and e-returns.

ü  Receiving and processing all invoices, expense forms and requests for payment.

ü  Handling of petty cash expenses.


Company Name          : Wuerth India Pvt. Ltd. Mangalore
Job Title                      : Branch Accountant
Tenure                         : 1 Year 4 months (Dec 2008 to March 2010)
Account Software      : FACT


Duties :


ü    To manage day to day operations of the accounts department, routine work as follows;

–          Generate the Sales Invoices and Billing ( monthly turnover of Rs. 80,00,000) in FACT software.

–          Prepare payment Application and Voucher entry  in FACT.

–          Create new vendor and add the details.

–          Prepare Suspense Cash as request from the Sales manager.

–          Request petty cash release cheque with H.O.

–          Physical stock check with Tally entry.

–          Report daily sales to sales Manager and to Head Quarter Germany.

–          Report daily cash in/out to Sales manager.

–          Deposit cash and cheque in to the Bank.

–          Every day sent payment request to Vendor up on Sales order.

–          Follow-up order request from Vendor.

–          Visit Vendor shop to collect cash/cheque.

–          Reconcile manual cash book with tally entry book.

–          Support for Packing and labeling.

–          Cash and cheque entries in system.


ü    Bank reconciliation to be done in every month end and to be report H.O.

ü    Coordinated monthly payroll functions for 200+ employees.

ü    Calculation of Monthly Sales Tax / VAT , Service Tax and TDS filling return

ü    Preparation of Various report for Manager like cash / cheque collection, sales & sales return report.

ü    Prepare cheque for House Rent in every month end.

ü    Responsible for maintaining the accounting filing system both digitally and in hard copy.

ü    Ensuring that information is accurately collated & entered into systems

ü    Inputting of supplier invoices and employee expense claims to the ledgers

ü    Fixed Asset accounting, reconciliations and depreciation journals.

ü    Receiving  Sales order from the sales representative of the company

ü    Tracking the Company Sales

ü    Checking and handling Inventory stock every end of day and reconcile with book of accounts and Physical stock.

ü    Cash/cheque deposited in to bank every day.

ü    Monitored and recorded company expenses.

ü    Maintain fixed asset register up to date.

ü    Maintaining all account Related works.

ü    Daily , weekly and monthly cash / sales turnover report reporting at HO

ü    Maintaining office & Stores Inventory Stocks.



Company Name          : CAhead Info Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
Designation                 : Account Assistant
Duration                     : 15th June 2008-17th Dec-2008
Duties (Account):


ü    Updating Petty Cash Register on every day.

ü    Maintain books of accounts in Tally.

ü    Maintain of all type accounting vouchers entry.

ü    Preparation of Quarterly SaleTax/Vat,TDS & Filling Return.

ü    Fees Collection & Accounting.

ü    E-filing of Income Tax return.

ü    Salary calculation.

ü    Generation of pay slips in PDF format based on Salary Statement.

ü    Bank Statement request letter for HDFC & SBI On 1st  day of Every month.

ü    Filling of PF forms 5 & 10.

ü    Generation of Copy of Professional Tax Form 5-A.




Company Name          : Bhat & Associates, Bangalore
Designation                 : Auditing Experience
Tenure                         : 6 Months (Evening time work after 4 pm to 9 pm )
ü    Verified Bills/Invoice with Financial Statements, Justification of expenses of Club and trust

ü    Prepare Bank Reconciliation

ü        Checking all Purchase and Sales statements, handling Petty Cash Expenses.

ü        Checking approval for above expenses.


Educational Qualifications:
Year of Passing
ICFAI National College
Mangalore University
Karnataka PU Board
Secondary school Board,

ü  Tally ERP 9, Fact 1, SAP

ü  OPLMS (Payroll Software)

ü  MS Office Excel, Word & PP

ü  Father’s Name                          : Shama Poojary

ü  Date of Birth                            : 1985-Sept-17

ü  Marital Status                           : Married

ü  Nationality                               : Indian

ü  Languages known                     : English, Hindi, Kannada & Tulu

Karnataka State, India



Place: Kuwait








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